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Welcome to Ace Hydroponics

Everything for the Indoor and Outdoor Growing Enthusiast!

We stock everything from Hydroponics, Nutrients, Additives, Organic Nutrients, Reservoirs Air & Water Pumps, Environmental, Airflow,CO2 Injection, Growth enhancer's, Root stimulator, pots and trays, Lighting, Pest & Disease Control, Propagation, Reflective Sheeting, Hydroponics Systems, Grow Tents/Modules & Growing Mediums and much more.

Featured Products
LUMII Contactor Timer

LUMII Contactor Timer£72.00  -  £122.00

CANNA Coco Pebble Mix

CANNA Coco Pebble Mix£15.00

Vitalink PlantStart

Vitalink PlantStart£6.00  -  £38.00

Canna Coco A + B

Canna Coco A + B£14.00  -  £57.00

CannaBoost Accelerator

CannaBoost Accelerator£22.00  -  £190.00

Rhino  Filter/Rhino Fan /10m Ali Duct

Rhino Filter/Rhino Fan /10m Ali Duct£120.00  -  £310.00

Latest Products
Black Box Contactor

Black Box Contactor£70.00  -  £115.00

Bud Rot Stop 250ml

Bud Rot Stop 250ml£20.00

Nite Nite SpiderMite 250ml

Nite Nite SpiderMite 250ml£20.00


PH DOWN 250ML£5.00

PH UP 250ml

PH UP 250ml£5.00

Lumii Compacta/Maxi/Sunblaster Bulb

Lumii Compacta/Maxi/Sunblaster Bulb£70.00  -  £75.00

Lumii Digita /Maxi/Sunblaster Bulb

Lumii Digita /Maxi/Sunblaster Bulb£115.00  -  £125.00


Top Sellers
100L Slimline Water Butt

100L Slimline Water Butt£35.00

250L Slimline Water Butt

250L Slimline Water Butt£45.00

6''Oscillating Clip-on Fan

6"Oscillating Clip-on Fan£16.00


ACCOUSTIC DUCT 10m£24.00  -  £54.00

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